A unique selection – our cheeses

The cheeses from Studer specialty cheesemakers cover the whole flavor spectrum – from mild to sharp, delicate to fiery, smooth to piquant. Discover the variety our cheeses have to offer.

Käselaib «Der freche Maxx» (Käserei Studer)
«Der freche Maxx»
Käselaib «Der scharfe Maxx»
«Der scharfe Maxx»
Hintergrundbild - Der edle Maxx
Käselaib «Der edle Maxx 365»
«Der edle Maxx 365»
Käselaib «Die zarte Klara Bio»
Die zarte Klara Bio
Hintergrundbild - Füürtüfel
Käselaib «Füürtüfel»
Hintergrundbild - Alter Schweizer
Käselaib «Alter Schweizer»
Alter Schweizer
Käselaib Wällechäs mild
Wällechäs mild
Käselaib Wällechäs rezent
Wällechäs rezent
Käselaib FamilieChäs
Hintergrundbild - Bio Familienchäs
Bio FamilieChäs
Hintergrundbild - Bodenseekäse
Käselaib Bodenseekäse
Hintergrundbild - Bio Bodenseekäse
Käselaib Bio Bodensee Käse
Bio Bodenseekäse
Käselaib Käsermeister
Käselaib Bio Käsermeister
Käsermeister reserve

We are Original. Different.

Studer specialty cheesemakers has been refining milk to create premium cheese masterpieces for over 150 years. We blaze new trails with our boundless passion and wealth of ideas. We never stand still and we are ambitious in promoting new ideas. Here at our premises by Lake Constance we preserve the art of traditional cheesemaking, combining it with cutting-edge technology. The result is an innovative presence in the market, superb flavors, and iconic, multi-award winning cheese.

Do you like your cheese tangy, with added sass? «Der scharfe Maxx» regularly wins awards at the World Cheese Awards and has a unique, full-bodied taste to wake up your taste buds. Keen on toasted rapeseed kernels, which go fantastically well with melt-in-the-mouth cheese? Our «Rapsody» variety once again testifies to our appetite for innovative combinations. Love playing with fire? «Füürtüfel» is a “devilishly” hot treat for your palate!

Schweizer Sternekoch Christian Kuchler, der ein Stück «Der scharfe Maxx» in der Hand hält.
Cooking and savoring cheese made by Studer

Our brand ambassador, Thurgau-based Michelin-starred chef Christian Kuchler, likes to don his apron and create special dishes to surprise and delight. You can find the “Kuchler firework” and lots of other great culinary ideas in our recipe database. Have a browse through our recipes for inspiration. Bon appetit!

Spring Bites

Käserezept, Frühlingsschnitten vom Sternekoch

Cod and zucchini lasagna

Gericht mit Käse, Zucchetti-Kabeljau-Lasagne

Choux pastry puffs with tomato salsa

Käserezept, Brandteigkrapfen für perfekten Käsegenuss

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Der scharfe Maxx, der mehrfach ausgezeichnete Käse der Käserei Studer, lagert im Käseregal
Being different pays off

Our drive? Exceptional quality. Our efforts are rewarded every year: The awards from international jurors are a wonderful confirmation that each and every one of us is happy about!