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Füürtüfel Raclette

devilishly hot | heavenly delicious

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The «Füürtüfel» Raclette is a unique cheese specialty.

It is an exciting combination of melt-in-the-mouth cheese and the fiery heat of chili peppers and pepper. The perfect match between the chilli mixture and the cheese's maturing time makes it unique. It is a visual and tasty change in the raclette landscape. Packed in a 200g bowl, it's ready for big, hot raclette enjoyment.


  • maturation period circa 2 months
  • devilishly hot and heavenly delicious
  • produced with Swiss raw milk

Swiss semi-hard cheese with chili and pepper / full-fat cheese made with raw milk

100g contain:
Energy 1408 kJ (339 kcal)
Fat 27.0g
of which saturates 16.0g
Carbohydrate < 0.1g
of which sugars < 0.1g
Protein 24.0g
Salt 2.0g
Net quantity 200 g

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