Black Sheep hot dog

Can a hot dog be fit for gourmets? We think so! Served with a mustard mayonnaise made with a trio of mustards, along with horseradish, wasabi, Tabasco, saffron, and lime, you're never going to want another hot dog. Serve with tomato salsa, cabbage salad with bacon, onions roasted in peanut oil, and grated «Wällechäs mild» cheese. Sink your teeth into this!

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serves 4 Personen
Hot dog
4 piece(s) hot dog rolls
4 piece(s) knacker or wiener sausages, each approx. 90-100g
4 tbsp mustard mayonnaise
4 tbsp white cabbage salad
4 tbsp fried onions (see the Pasta Ribbons recipe)
4 tbsp tomato salsa (see the Pastry Puffs recipe)
4 slices gherkins
120 g «Wällechäs mild»
4 slices fried bacon
Mustard mayonnaise
50 g mayonnaise
25 g Thomi mustard – light blue
25 g Thomi Dijon mustard
5 g Moutarde de Meaux
5 g wasabi paste
5 g horseradish (jar)
1 piece(s) lime (juice)
0.5 pinch saffron
salt, pepper, Tabasco
Cabbage salad
1 head white cabbage, finely sliced
1 piece(s) onion, cut into small cubes
4 slices bacon, cut into small cubes
100 ml Kressi vinegar
200 ml sunflower oil
salt, pepper, caraway
Fried onions
6 piece(s) onions
200 g butter
300 g peanut oil
salt, pepper, curry powder, powdered paprika
Tomato salsa
2 piece(s) onions, cut into small cubes
1 piece(s) garlic clove, cut into small cubes
1 piece(s) carrot, cubed
0.5 piece(s) celeriac, cubed
100 ml olive oil
150 g Pelati tomatoes, peeled
2 piece(s) fresh tomatoes, cubed
2 sprigs rosemary
2 sprigs thyme
200 ml white wine
2 tsp. tomato puree
20 piece(s) capers
1 bundle basil


  1. Mustard mayo

    Combine all the ingredients in a bowl.

    Pour into a spray bottle and chill.

  2. Cabbage salad

    Fry the onions and caraway with the bacon in a frying pan until the bacon starts to crisp up.

    Next, remove the onions and bacon from the pan, place them straight into a bowl along with the white cabbage, and mix well.

    Cover and leave for approx. one hour to allow the flavors to infuse.

    Season with vinegar, oil, salt, and pepper.

  3. Fried onions

    Finely chop two onions and sweat them in butter until they turn a golden-brown color.

    Season with salt and pepper and set to one side.

    Cut four onions into rings and dust with flour (optional: replace with paprika or curry powder). Fry in peanut oil at 150°C.

    Leave the fried onions to drain on a piece of kitchen paper.

  4. Tomato salsa

    Sauté the onions, garlic, and vegetables in olive oil.

    Finely chop the rosemary and thyme, and add to the mixture. Add the tomato puree and deglaze with white wine.

    Add the peeled and fresh tomatoes. Next, cover and simmer for approx. one hour on the lowest heat.

    Blend the salsa using a hand blender and set to one side.

  5. To serve the hot dog

    Gently warm the hot dog bun in the oven.

    Fry the sausages in a frying pan or griddle pan.

    Slice open the bun (not all the way through) and spread the tomato salsa along one side. Spoon the cabbage salad over the other side.

    Place the sausage in the center of the bun.

    Add the pickles.

    Then sprinkle over “Wällechäs” cheese and the fried onions. 

    To finish, top with a drizzle of mustard mayo.

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Portrait Christian Kuchler
Christian Kuchler

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Cheese types used

Käselaib Wällechäs mild
Wällechäs mild

There are lots of good reasons to love this mild cheese that’s made with full milk. It starts by tripping lightly across the tongue, before subtly taking its leave. “Wällechäs” is a cheese-lover’s idea of bliss. Its rounded, soft flavor is also popular with kids. The beautiful meadows on the slopes of Lake Constance are the perfect setting for wonderfully fresh full milk. After three months “Wällechäs mild” develops its full richness of flavor.

Brioche mit Trüffel, Käserezept von Christian Kuchler
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