Käserei Studer produziert Halbhartkäse und Hartkäse

Taking a look behind the scenes

Would you like to get up close and personal with the world of cheesemaking? Want to look over the cheesemaker’s shoulder and breathe in the smells of a Show Dairy?
Our tours – with optional cheesemaking in the Show Dairy – turn your wish into reality. Discover how «Der scharfe Maxx», «Füürtüfel», and the other cheeses produced at Studer specialty cheesemakers are made. Discover everything worth knowing about our dairy. You can even get stuck in with group cheesemaking in the Show Dairy.

We warmly welcome you to Studer cheesemakers in Hefenhofen TG.
Tours including a taster afterwards are available to groups of 10 to 40 participants.
Tours involving cheesemaking in the Show Dairy are open to smaller groups – 6 to 12 people can spend 3.5 hours experiencing what it’s like to be a cheesemaker.

Aussenansicht der Käse-Produktion der Schweizer Käserei Studer
Tours & Cheesemaking in the Show Dairy

Download the information sheet here. In it you will find out all the details about guided tours and show cheeses. Let yourself be inspired and we hope to be able to welcome you personally soon.

Chäsi-Lade Aussenansicht, der Käseladen der Käserei Studer

Have we aroused your interest and you would like to come to us with a small group? Then feel free to register in advance at any time.

Other topics

Beim Vorkäsen in der Käserei Studer entsteht der Käsebruch durch die Bearbeitung mit der Käseharfe
#production Are you curious to learn how our specialty cheeses are produced?

Find out which steps are required to craft our high-quality cheeses, discover the secret to our long-standing, consistently high quality, and get a glimpse behind the scenes.

Rapsfeld der regionalen Milchlieferanten der Käserei Studer
#sustainability We live and breathe sustainability

We act sustainably. We don't just want to dream of a better world, we want to actively help shape it.

Käsestück Alter Schweizer auf Holzbrett vor einem grossen Käselaib.
#cheeses A unique selection – our cheeses

The cheeses from Studer specialty cheesemakers cover the whole flavor spectrum – from mild to sharp, delicate to fiery, smooth to piquant. Discover the variety our cheeses have to offer.