Wurstsalat nach «Schäfli»-Art mit Käse Der scharfe Maxx

«Schäfli»-style sausage salad

Thurgau-based, Michelin-starred chef Christian Kuchler loves sausage salad! Pssst – he's given away his secret recipe specially to Studer cheesemakers! And one thing's clear to us now: The crowning glory of this sausage salad is the wild character of our «Der scharfe Maxx» cheese. Simple to prepare, this recipe with cheese always leaves a lasting impression!

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serves 4 Personen
4 piece(s) Schrofen-Klöpfer/Cervelat sausages
200 g «Der scharfe Maxx», grated with a potato grater
2 tbsp Ketchup
4 piece(s) gherkins cut into discs
1/4 Chinese cabbage, finely sliced
4 piece(s) spring onions, cut into segments
4 tbsp chopped chives
4 tbsp sliced parsley
4 tbsp sweetcorn
2 piece(s) onions, sliced
2 piece(s) garlic cloves
2 tbsp Meaux mustard seeds
1 tbsp Dijon mustard
2 dl chicken stock light
2 tbsp horseradish
20 piece(s) basil leaves
50 g egg yolk, fresh
1 dl sherry vinegar
1 dl Kressi vinegar
1 dl white balsamic
3 dl Tuscan olive oil
7 dl sunflower oil
salt, white pepper, still mineral water


  1. Salad

    Halve the sausages lengthways and cut into thin discs.

    Mix all the ingredients, adding the salad dressing to taste. Garnish with chopped chives.

  2. Dressing

    Boil together the first six ingredients and leave to cool.

    Combine the basil, egg yolk, vinegar, and cooled ingredients in a large mixing bowl.

    Slowly mix them together with the oils to form a creamy sauce. Season the mixture and, if necessary, dilute it with mineral water.

    Pour the dressing into bottles and store in the fridge. Shake well before use!

    Makes approx. 1.5l of salad dressing

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Portrait Christian Kuchler
Christian Kuchler

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Cheese types used

Käselaib «Der scharfe Maxx»
«Der scharfe Maxx»

Spirited and tangy – «Der scharfe Maxx» will take your palate by storm. The cheese wheels are stored in a specially air-conditioned cellar for five months. During this maturation period the cheese develops a variety of characteristic aromas to captivate your taste buds. This cheese dares to be more rebellious than any other in Switzerland. Despite its forward nature, «Der scharfe Maxx» has been winning medals at the World Cheese Awards for years. Discover its unique taste and temptingly subtle texture on your tongue!

Brioche mit Trüffel, Käserezept von Christian Kuchler
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