Käserei Studer recalls ripened cheese

Due to a contamination of a ‘Füürtüfel’ cheese with Listeria monocytogenes, Käserei Studer has decided to recall its entire range of ripened cheeses as a precautionary measure.

Käserei Studer advises against consuming these products, as they may contain the bacteria Listeria monocytogenes. This can lead to serious health problems, particularly in high-risk groups such as elderly or immunocompromised people or pregnant women and their unborn children. For those with a healthy immune system, a Listeria monocytogenes infection usually has mild or even no symptoms.

Käserei Studer takes this matter very seriously, as the safety of consumers is an absolute priority. As the transmission of the contamination to other cheeses in the ripening cellar cannot be ruled out, Käserei Studer has decided to recall the entire range as a precautionary measure. 

For safety reasons, consumers should not eat already purchased products and can return them to the points of sale. The following products are affected by the recall:

  • Alter Schweizer
  • Bergjuwel
  • Bio Alter Schweizer
  • Bio Bodenseekäse
  • Bio Der scharfe Maxx
  • Bio Die zarte Klara
  • Bio Familienkäse
  • Bio Sternenkäse
  • Bio Wellenkäse
  • Bodenseekäse (conventional)
  • Der edle Maxx 365
  • Der freche Maxx
  • Der scharfe Maxx
  • Die zarte Klara
  • Familienkäse (conventional)
  • Füürtüfel
  • Käsermeister
  • Landchäs
  • Le Baron
  • Meister-Chäs
  • Raclette carré
  • Rahmkäse
  • Rapsody
  • Reibkäse
  • Seemerzler
  • Sternenkäse
  • Wellenkäse mild
  • Wellenkäse mittel
  • Wellenkäse rezent
  • Wilhelm-Tell

The grill cheese is not affected by the recall. The two varieties "Grill cheese Der scharfe Maxx" and "Grill cheese Füürtüfel" undergo a pasteurization process at an external producer and are therefore not affected safe to consume. 

Only the ripening cellar in Hefenhofen has been affected by the contamination and not the production located in a separate building. The production is therefore running in full capacity and the delivery capability can be fully restored after the required maturation time in external warehouses. A limited quantity of "Der scharfe Maxx" will be available in stores again in a few weeks, as the Studer cheese dairy is maturing it in an external storage facility. 

Käserei Studer deeply regrets this incident and the inconvenience caused. 

Yours sincerely, 
Käserei Studer AG 

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Käsestück Alter Schweizer auf Holzbrett vor einem grossen Käselaib.
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