Our dairy farmers

The farmer around the corner delivers the freshest milk to us for the best Swiss cheese!

As a modern raw milk dairy that is also rooted in tradition, we have long made a name for ourselves beyond the borders of Switzerland
for our exquisite Swiss cheese. One of the keys to our success lies in our long-standing partnership with the milk producers
of Thurgau “Milchgenossenschaft Aachtal” [“Aachtal Milk Cooperative”]. We consider regionality to be pivotal when selecting dairy farmers.
Our successful relationships with the farms within an approximately 30 kilometer radius of our dairy are incredibly important to us.
We therefore like to take a personal approach to these relationships and celebrate our successes together.


Milchlieferant Urban Weber - Liefert regionale Rohmilch für Käsesorten der Käserei Studer
Urban Weber, Zuzwil

“Every day, I put my heart and soul into ensuring high-quality foods can be produced, for example the cheeses from Studer cheesemakers.”

Milchlieferant René Wohlwend - Liefert uns frische Milch für Käseproduktion
René Wohlwend, Hauptwil

“It’s important to me that, on our farm, everything comes from the same place of origin – from calves to the dairy cattle and beef cattle. That way, I know our cheese is being made from milk that I can fully get behind.”

Milchlieferant Armin Göldi - liefert Milch für Schweizer Käsesorten der Käserei Studer
Armin Göldi, Amriswil

“I care a lot about delivering fresh milk for top-quality products like cheese from Studer cheesemakers. High-quality foods from the region will enable us to stay competitive in the future, too.”

We believe in long-term relationships

Around 40 regional dairy farms produce the freshest, top-quality milk that goes to make our cheeses.
Factoring in regional producers is key for us – as is promoting fair, collaborative partnerships.
Because of this, we stay in close contact with our producers and aim to build long-term relationships.

Glückliche Kühe der regionalen Milchlieferanten für besten Rohmilchkäse der Käserei Studer

Quality you can taste.

Continual quality checks and certified processes with reliable suppliers are what have enabled us to guarantee consistently high quality over the years. This is quality you can taste. The awards we receive each year from international jurors underline the excellence of our specialty cheeses and incentivize us to continue.


Our awards

Is sustainability a buzzword?

Cheese is a natural product. Without an unspoilt environment, producing good-quality cheese
would be impossible. We take our responsibility toward nature and the environment equally seriously.
What are we doing in practical terms with respect to sustainability?