Kundenbewertungen und Referenzen über unsere Käsesorten

Customer views and reviews of our cheeses

What do our specialty cheeses actually taste like?

What kind of feedback do we get about, for example, “Der scharfe Maxx” or “Füürtüfel”?

The answers are as different and diverse as the individuals voicing them – ultimately, how good a cheese tastes is down to personal opinion.
We’re all the happier, therefore, that we’re not the only ones won over by the taste and quality of our cheeses. We’ve gathered together some customer reviews and
feedback on our cheeses here.

Which cheese do you think is the tastiest? Send us an email or type in your comment under the links specified.
We look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Referenzen, Kundenstimmen und Kundenbewertungen der Käsesorten der Käserei Studer

How do our consumers rate our cheeses?

Here you can see for yourself what other customers think of our specialties. You're welcome to add your comments using the links. 

Customer views during a tasting

Testimonials for “Der edle Maxx 365”

Testimonials for “Der scharfe Maxx”

Testimonials from other countries

Referenzen und Kundenstimmen zu Füürtüfel, der Gewürzkäse mit Chili

“Hi all, we bought the spicy ‘Füürtüfel’ at Therwil Landi today! So, our review: The cheese is awesome, not too hot for us, a big thumbs-up on the spicy flavors. Hopefully this cheese will be available from the Landi in Therwil for a long time to come.”
Werner and Anna Gasser-Aeberhard

Kundenstimmen und Kundenbewertungen zu Der scharfe Maxx Fondue, die Fondue Käsemischung

“Hi Scharfer Maxx team, I’ve eaten a lot of fondues in my life, including some amazing ones, but yours blew the others out of the water – fantastic!”
Best wishes from Chur

Kundenbewertungen zu Der scharfe Maxx - der Kultkäse der Käserei Studer

“Hello, our family loves ‘Scharfer Maxx’ – on bread, toasted, in a risotto, grated, etc. For many years, however, it was a cheese I would walk past and ignore! All because of its name.

Some cheese is so spicy that it burns your mouth, which I strongly dislike. That’s exactly what I expected from ‘Scharfer Maxx’, on account of its name and the large amount of red (= hot) on the packaging. Up until the point when I tried some from the cheeseboard.”

Kundenbewertungen und Kundenstimmen zu Rapsody, der Gewürzkäse mit gerösteten Rapskernen der Käserei Studer

“Greetings everyone, your ‘Rapsody’ is a real stunner! I eat it as a pre-dinner snack, main meal, and for dessert! (And at night when I can't sleep.)”
All the best, I.F.

Kundenstimmen zu Maxx 365 die Käsespezialität der Käserei Studer

“Dear Sir/Madam, today I tried a cheese that you make by the name of ‘MAXX 365’. It is the most delectable type of cheese that I have ever eaten! Thank goodness I can get hold of it just around the corner from where I live!”

Kundenstimmen und Kundenbewertungen zu Füürtüfel, der Schweizer Halbhartkäse der Käserei Studer

“Dear Sir/Madam, I should like to compliment you on your delicious cheese. ‘Füürtüfel’ is the best cheese I have ever eaten :-)”

Want to learn more about our delicious cheeses?

Discover why “Der scharfe Maxx” has such extraordinary cheeky charm; find out the secret
behind its big brother, “Der edle Maxx 365”; plus why “Füürtüfel” is so devilishly hot, yet heavenly delicate in flavor.


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