150 years of cheese

The story of Studer specialty cheesemakers goes back a long way. The Hatswil dairy cooperative was formed back in 1867.
In 1929 the dairy was taken over by the first generation of the Studer family – thereby laying the foundation for an unprecedented success story.

Thanks to its focus on regionality and innovation, combined with the art of traditional cheesemaking and the latest technology, the dairy has created various high-quality, specialty cheeses with a certain je ne sais quoi ever since – in line with the guiding principal of “Original. Different”. Brands such as “Der scharfe Maxx”, “Der edle Maxx 365”, “Füürtüfel”, and “Alter Schweizer” have long been a firm fixture on the cheeseboards of cheese connoisseurs, embodying the best that cheese can offer. 

No matter what happens, we will not stop discovering and venturing into the world of the unconventional. Look forward to more out-of-the-ordinary
moments of enjoyment – there are plenty more to come. Studer specialty cheesemakers is one of a kind. Original. Different – and uniquely excellent.

Thomas Studer relates a 150-year success story

How is cheese actually made?

Would you like to know how we produce our cheeses? Find out which steps are required to craft
our high-quality cheeses, and look over the shoulders of our cheesemakers as they practice their art.

Cheese production