Der scharfe Maxx der mehrfach ausgezeichnete Käse der Käserei Studer

Being different pays off

We're not your standard dairy.
Original. Different – this motto encapsulates how Studer specialty cheesemakers works, and has inspired unique masterpieces that we can rightfully be proud of.
Continual quality checks, certified processes, and long-standing partnerships with reliable suppliers are what have enabled us
to guarantee consistently high quality over the years.

This is quality you can taste – proven, among other things, by the annual awards and prizes we receive from international jurors. 

Awards from the World Cheese Awards

Studer specialty cheesemakers regularly sparkles at the World Cheese Awards, winning top awards. Year after year, our
“Der scharfe Maxx”, “Der edle Maxx 365”, “Alter Schweizer”, and “Le Baron” cheeses take the crown in their respective categories.

For Studer cheesemakers, the awards are confirmation that it’s worth following your own path and constantly reinventing the art of making cheese.
The awards also act as motivation to continue doing this in the future. 

Die Käserei Studer gewinnt an den World Cheese Awards mehrfach Auszeichnungen

Find out more about our successful cheeses

Do you want to know why our “Der scharfe Maxx”, “Der edle Maxx 365” and “Alter Schweizer” cheeses win awards?
You can find all the information on our specialty cheeses here.

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