Käserezepte für Gerichte mit Käse für einen Käsegenuss

The best cheese recipes – always a treat!

Cook with cheese from Studer and a heavenly dining experience awaits you! And with these recipes under your belt, you’ll be top of your cooking game. This is where the creativity of Michelin-starred, Thurgau-based chef Christian Kuchler bubbles and simmers. Your guests will be raving about these cheese dishes for a long time to come! Simple to prepare, yet infused with that certain something...

Delicious in combination: Pairings with cheese from Studer

Get your creative juices bubbling and bring the deliciousness to boiling point!
Create unexpected pairings with our diverse range of cheeses. You might try pairing “Der scharfe Maxx”
with caramelized almonds, or serve it alongside lychees.
We’ve put together the most imaginative combinations with Studer cheese for you here!

Käsepairing als Snack, Käse mit Mango
Maxx + mango & pepper

It’s getting hot in here: “Der scharfe Maxx” with fresh mango and a twist of black pepper. An exotic adventure!

Aperitiv mit Käse und Meringues
Maxx + meringue

A marriage of sweet and spicy: “Der scharfe Maxx” teamed with fresh meringue. All in white.

Käse mit Litschi als Aperitiv
Maxx + lychee & fried onions

A mix of bold and fresh: “Der scharfe Maxx” with ½ a lychee and full-flavored fried onions. The hot dog for connoisseurs.

Apéro Idee, Käse Pairing mit Schokolade und Mandarine
Warm, dark chocolate with fresh mandarins

Dive into sweetness: Dunk cubes of “Der scharfe Maxx” into melted dark chocolate and enjoy together with fresh mandarin segments.

Food Pairings Käse mit Erdbeeren und Balsamico
Maxx + strawberry & balsamic

Carpaccio of cheese a la Lake Constance: Thinly sliced slivers of “Der scharfe Maxx” topped with a drizzle of balsamic and fresh strawberries.

Pairing für Snack oder Apéro Käse mit Popcorn
Maxx + popcorn

The perfect accompaniment to an evening at the home cinema: “Der scharfe Maxx” and popcorn. Mix up the excitement!

Pairing Käse mit Cranberry Juice als Apéro
Maxx + cranberry juice

Why should it only be red wine with cheese? “Der scharfe Maxx” also tastes incredible with a glass of cranberry juice. Vintage: whatever.

Pairings mit Käse und Lemon-Curd
Maxx + lemon curd

The doubly delicate, melt-in-your-mouth flavor duo: “Der scharfe Maxx” together with fine lemon curd cream.

Snack mit Käse, Käse und Lakritze
Maxx + licorice

The vikings of old were big fans: “Maxx 365” with licorice. The flavor-rich northern combo.

Snack für Käseplatte, Käse mit Wasabi und Cranberry
Maxx + wasabi & cranberry

The most full-on student food in the world flavor-wise: “Maxx 365” with wasabi peanuts and dried cranberries.

Food Pairing mit Käse und Nachos und Ananas
Maxx + nachos & pineapple

Tex-Mex from the Swiss Caribbean: “Maxx 365” with nachos and fresh pineapple. Gently heat the cheese.

Apéro mit Käse und Mojito
Maxx + mojito

The hottest cocktail party of all time: “Maxx 365” paired with a mouthwatering mojito. Spice on the rocks!