Croque Monsieur angerichtet auf einem Holzbrett

Croque Monsieur

With its mild taste and melt-in-the-mouth texture «Der freche Maxx» is the perfect partner for Croque Monsieur à la Christian Kuchler. In France, this toasted French sandwich has been a popular snack for over 100 years. In French, «croquer» means to «bite into» or «crunch». And this is a snack that's always tasty to bite into!

  • Breakfast and brunch
  • Snacks
  • Aperitif and appetizers


serves 2-4
4 slices buttered toast
8 slices shoulder of ham
4 tbsp «La Vache qui rit»
100 g «Der freche Maxx», cut into slices
50 g «Der freche Maxx», grated
25 g soft butter


  1. Spread the toast with a generous layer of “La Vache qui rit” cheese.

    Cover with the bacon and “Der freche Maxx” cheese.

    Add a second slice of toast on top.

    Spread the uppermost side of the toast with butter and then grate over 50g of “Der freche Maxx” cheese.

    Bake in the oven at 250°C for two minutes, then place under a medium grill until golden brown.  

Recipe from

Christian Kuchler

Cheese types used

Käselaib «Der freche Maxx» (Käserei Studer)
«Der freche Maxx»

«Der freche Maxx» is a fairly young cheese. Being young and cheeky, it wants to get out and about and not hang around. Because «Der freche Maxx» knows the time has come to live the culinary high life. It spends just three months in the maturation cellar before going out into the big wide world to make lots of new friends, thanks to its mild flavor and melt-in-the-mouth texture. This is a cheese that unfolds a richness of flavors on your palate and proves to be ultra-smooth and delicately aromatic. «Der freche Maxx» is wild, yet utterly uncomplicated and good-natured – the perfect match for any meal.

Brioche mit Trüffel, Käserezept von Christian Kuchler
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